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E-Throttle Sports Sprint Booster


(30 mins installation) Unlike traditonal cable throttle that connect literally your foot pedal to the physical throttle body.Nowadays, car uses electronic controlled throttle that sends electrical signal to the ECU to activate the opening of throttle (Air passageway)

E-throttle is a device that increase the throttle RESPONSE of your car. For example, without E-throttle, you take 10milliseconds to activate the throttle. After installing E-throttle it takes u 2 milliseconds to activate full throttle opening. It increase throttle responsiveness hence faster pick up but not horsepower!

If you want more horse power (pull back feeling, max speed etc) , pls consider RS Chip that we do. Its proven!

There are 3 modes:
Eco: Save petrol (seldom use)
Normal Mode:  Off e throttle which mean normal driving
Sports Mode: For you to use when overtaking etc, more responsive!

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