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RS Chip Tunning PiggyBack

This one is no joke. My mother drive my car and ask me why my car become so light and power. It's RS chip. And she said worth it! Lol. Don't believe come and ask my mother later. 
Interested can PM me. Even my mother can feel the difference, so can you.. ! 
Edwin Sms 97856612

The chip will be preloaded with the ECU mapping according to your car model and specs, then the chip is easily connect to the OBD reader and you are ready to go!

What does it do?
-Improves power: it will read, adapt and overwrite your ECU Air-Fuel Ratio to gain maximum power using adaptation and not simply refresh. It will match according to your car performance and adjust to the best setting.

-Save fuel:  It does something call fuelling, which means to burn out the best fuel efficient combustion rate helping your car to achieve maximum petrol saving ratio! You will get the bes fuelling performance ever!

-Easy to transfer : I would say this is the best mod ever because 1 time payment and it can last you lifetime! Why do I say so? When you change car, you jus need to simply reload another new set of software and unplug and plug back into the new car OBD (5 min job).. You do not need to retune again. Because RS chip is easily adaptable to any car and not hard coded!

The pricing is $6xx. Lifetime usage and support!
SMS 97856612

RS Chip, piggy back chip that does ECU mapping with simple programming. I have tested this personally for 4 days and I can say it does make the car much smoother and save 7-10% petrol. Most importantly, it is simple to install, only 4 wires and can be reused on any car from Japanese Korean continental etc. Easily port over to another new car in future and can last forever!! RS chip pls google it or PM for details .. It's good for cars without any ECU modding yet, this piggyback will map a really nice ECU map and relearn the new AF ratio and fueling better saving petrol n better power .. This device is backed up by a local car tuning specialist so no empty talking. We have dyno chart given. And this is a post by Sggarage which means I don't give empty promise, got diff means got diff

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